Thursday, 24 March 2016

Install & Configure WICD

Wicd, which means Wireless Interface Connection Daemon, is a free software and open source written in python for managing both wired and wireless GNU / Linux.
It was installed by default on the previous version of backtrack.

Installation :

After putting the list of deposits days start the installation command.

apt-get install wicd

Normally this is all what to do, the application is in the Internet menu gnome menu, then to display the icon in the system tray, read the next section.

Configuration :

1. Stop the service currently used because it conflicts with wicd

network-manager stop service
2. Disable the automatic launch.
update-rc.d disable network-manager
3. Configure the auto launch wicd Service
update-rc.d wicd enable
4. And run wicd.
Service start wicd
5. Restart the session and you should see the wicd icon in the system tray.

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