Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Install Flareget

As we all know that Internet Download Manager(IDM) is the most famous download manager for windows but what about Kali Linux or any Linux Distribution. Flareget is the solution, it is a software similar to IDM but it is for linux.

Flareget comes with two architecture 32 bit and 64 bit but the installation process is same. So follow the steps:

Installing Flareget in Kali Linux

1. Open Browser and navigate to Flareget.

2. Kali Linux belongs to debian family system so we have to download flarget in .deb extension. You may also download 64 bit if you are running kali linux's 64 bit version OS.

3. After downloading the package open up the terminal and type " dpkg -i flareget_3.2-42_i386.deb".

4. You have successfully installed your flareget and you can access from Applications > Internet > Flareget but when you click on that you will come across the below screenshot and click on OK continue.

5. Select the browser to integrate flareget.

6. Select firefox, as akli linux's inbuilt browser iceweasel is developed by firefox community. Click on " Add to Firefox ".

Now try to download the softwares you will see that the flareget will appear as your download manager. Happy Downloading with Flareget :-P

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