Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Install Gerix Wifi Cracker

Step 1 – Copy and Paste into a root terminal

wget https://bitbucket.org/Skin36/gerix-wifi-cracker-pyqt4/downloads/gerix-wifi-cracker-master.rar

unrar x gerix-wifi-cracker-master.rar

cd gerix-wifi-cracker-master

And run it:

python gerix.py


QT4 Packages

If you get errors, note that BackTrack uses qt3 whereas Kali uses qt4.  Check that you’ve got these packages installed on Kali.
cd gerix-wifi-cracker-master
apt-get install qt4-designer
apt-get install qtcreator
apt-get install pyqt4-dev-tools
qmake -project
qt3to4 gerix-wifi-cracker-master.pro
qmake -makefile

Step 2 – Gerix Config Tab

Gerix will detect your wifi adapters.

Select Interface

Select Enable Monitor Mode Button

(Soon you’ll see mon0 appear in the interface table).

 It’s worthwhile noting before you go any further that your network card has to be capable  of going into monitor mode, and of packet injection.   Are you sure it can do both?

Step 3 – Scanning networks with mon0

Select mon0

Channel = all channels

Default = 10 seconds

Rescan Networks Button

Gerix displays Network Name (ESSID), Base-station Mac (BSSID), Channel, Signal and Encryption (eg Open, WEP or WPA)


The type of Encryption used (or open) will determine the next step.

OPN = Open a root terminal, and enter the Essid network name in speech marks to connect

iwconfig wlan0 essid “network”

WEP is easily broken – Use Chop Chop if there are no clients connected.  Use ARP-Replay if there ARE clients connected.
WPS is easily broken.  WPS can be when a client presses a push button on the router or by a PIN.  The PIN method can be broken due to a flaw in how manufacturers installed the 8 bit PIN.  They used 2 x 4 bit PIN.  This reduced security dramatically.  To understand this – consider which is the largest number, a one followed by 8 zero’s or a 1 followed by 4 zero’s.  Which salary would you prefer?  See the problem ?

****TESTING Commands for your card****

1. Is the card in monitor mode?


mon0 will be listed if you’re in monitor mode.

2. Is injection working?

aireplay-ng mon0 -9

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