Thursday, 24 March 2016

Track Geographical Location Of MAC Address

What is MAC Address ?
MAC stand for Media Access Control is unique address of each hardware device. It,s a 48-bit address. Starting 24-bit is assigned by IEEE and last 24-bit is assigned by Manufacturers.

Steps to find the geographical location :

1. Open Application > Backtrack > Explonitation Tools > Wireless explonation Tools >  WLAN Explonation

2. Open Fern-Wifi-Cracker > Select the ToolBox Option

3. Then select the Geolocatry Locator.

4. Now enter your MAC-address that you want to trace and click on the Trace Option.

5. It will show you location like below image.


  1. Thanks for sharing the to track Geographical Location Of Media Access Control Address. It is a wonderful Real-Time Location Tracking System. Good job on this content, I really like it.

    1. No need..!!
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  2. guys fern is not working for me it just says 'tracking' is not doing anything unable to track...hep please

  3. sir geolocatory tracker is not working in the latest version of kali linux plsss help or suggest some other geolocator application.

  4. didn't worked for me just stuck on tracking

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