Saturday, 17 March 2018

Alacarte - Add Software To The Main Menu

You might want to know how to customize your main Applications menu, so here it is.
1. Install the alacarte tool:
apt-get install alacarte
2. Now Start Alacarte using command:

The Main Menu dialog shows you the list of the first-rank menu items. In this example, we are going to put Firefox Quantum into the menu structure, so do the following:
3. Go to the location and click on New Item (In this example I am in [Usual Applications/Internet]).

4. Put in the name and full path to the tool.
5. Optionally, add a comment that will show as a Tool-Tip when you mouse over the tool.
6. Click on the Upper-Left Corner of the dialog to Add or Change the icon for the tool.

7. Click the Ok Button.

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